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Trenching ...

Trenching involves digging channels for the placement of underground utilities such as communication cables, drain pipes, water lines and more. 
We have specialized equipment for more effective and faster trench digging which includes:

In addition we also have a team of skilled hand diggers should the area to be dug be too small for machinery to be used.

We can dig up to 300 m per machine per day depending on ground conditions.
Once the digging is done, the utilities are placed inside the trench and then covered with soil and compacted so that the surface of the ground is smooth and level. 

Our excavating operators are highly trained and have all the necessary trenching equipment .
TLB’s with 300 mm and 600 mm buckets attached for various trenching needs
Hydraulic operated jackhammer fitted to the TLB for demolition should we encounter rock during trench digging
Trench digger for digging trenches in narrow areas
Cable finder